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Live Q&A - Adventures in Debugging

Alvaro Prieto - Watch Now - Duration: 20:09

Live Q&A - Adventures in Debugging
Alvaro Prieto
Live Q&A with Alvaro Prieto for the talk titled Adventures in Debugging
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Score: 0 | 7 months ago | no reply

I use CubeMX but also find it clunky with USB in particular, as it doesn't support composite classes. Why would you use GDB over a visual debugger in your IDE? Have you used SystemView or Tracealyzer?

17:13:35	 From  Jay Cosper : Interesting talk! What kind of changes have you made to prevent these from happening again?
17:14:56	 From  Erin RobotGrrl : Do you keep the CubeMX formatting or just take the functions it generates and put it in your own code?
17:15:32	 From  enrico perera : I recently discovered Segger RTT ..wow. What is a technique(s) you learned in the last year (or whatever) that really changed how you debug or can debug ?
17:17:36	 From  enrico perera : yup
17:17:53	 From  Robert Hancock : You alluded a bit to the challenges in having devices operating in such remote locations - do you have any way to recover or gain access to devices once they are way out in the middle of the ocean?
17:17:55	 From  Erin RobotGrrl : Very cool to hear how that is done with CubeMX being used professionally! Thanks!
17:19:47	 From  Vikesh Raghuram Shantha Kumari : In Corrupted serial data issue, was it firmware bug or more of a config error ? because we don't usually miss config conditions while writing unit or system tests
17:20:14	 From  Alvaro: https://interrupt.memfault.com/blog/automate-debugging-with-gdb-python-api
17:21:03	 From  Erwin : Thanks for your interresting presentation! The fun fact first regarding your crystal problem: I was facing nearly the same Problem About 6 years ago using an stm32l0 :-) By the way my desk Looks nearly the same (pcbite, saleae) and i live these tools too!
17:22:20	 From  jackie : q: you use FreeRTOS, is there specific reason over Zephyr and others
17:23:26	 From  Charles Miller : Task stack overflow errors are intermittent; rule: instrument those stacks--always!
17:25:22	 From  Max Hughson : Could you compress a complete core dump to save some money?
17:26:46	 From  Aaron Fontaine : The other thing with Zephyr is you have to learn device trees and Kconfig.
17:29:42	 From  Stephane : https://embeddedonlineconference.com/theatre/Tools_for_Embedded_Systems_Development
17:31:21	 From  Gillian Minnehan : Thank you!