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Live Q&A - Back to the Future with Embedded Software (and Predictable Timing)

Henk Muller - XMOS - Watch Now - Duration: 24:08

Live Q&A with Henk Muller for the theatre talk titled Back to the Future with Embedded Software (and Predictable Timing)
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Score: 0 | 7 months ago | no reply

Are there trace techniques for bare metal functions/tasks?
How is interrupt tracing handled, and what is the overhead for this?

12:03:36	 From  Stephane Boucher : https://www.embeddedonlineconference.com/theatre/Back_to_the_future_with_embedded_software
12:12:06	 From  Erwin : Does this mean that during Debug Session you need one core for Debugging?
12:13:56	 From  Erwin : Thanks
12:14:04	 From  Radu Pralea : So, essentially, this approach (architecture) aims at making concurrency + real-time very simple & straight forward, but only as long as you have less processes than number of cores (which is reasonable in so many practical scenarios), isn't it?
12:18:17	 From  Matt Liberty : How does XMOS stack up to other architectures with compute power per Watt?
12:18:58	 From  Erwin : Also DevKits are a little bit out of stock Right now!
12:19:25	 From  1 - Matthew Lai : Is the XMOS ISA similar to or quite different from RISC-V ISA?
12:21:26	 From  Matt Liberty : Yes.  Thank you!
12:22:54	 From  1 - Matthew Lai : Cool. Thanks.
12:23:03	 From  Radu Pralea : I remember such an approach back in the mid 2000s (I've even worked at a company that tried it): an array of simple but many cores: PicoChip. I've just googled, and XMOS and PicoChip seem to share some key people :) Could you comment, please? (also about the fact that after the acquisition (I think it ended with Intel acquiring Mindspeed) I've never heard of this architecture?
12:23:45	 From  Radu Pralea : indeed
12:24:23	 From  Radu Pralea : Thanks
12:24:23	 From  Keith J : Thank you Henk
12:24:31	 From  Ian Ross : Thanks, Henk!
12:24:36	 From  Steve Wheeler : Thank you.
12:24:51	 From  Carlos Amaya : Thank you
12:24:55	 From  RonCollinson : Cheers, Henk
12:25:03	 From  Erwin : Thanks a lot, interresting approach!