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Live Q&A - Beyond Arduino: Now what?

Mitch Davis - Watch Now - Duration: 27:00

Live Q&A with Mitch Davis for the theatre talk titled Beyond Arduino: Now what?
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

16:02:49	 From  Sai Y : We can hear you clearly!
16:03:28	 From  Al Anway : Mitch: love your blackboard background, too!
16:06:16	 From  Sai Y : Great talk on moving past the Arduino platform - In your talk you recommended going baremetal using the Atmega328P (as an example). When you go from using an Arduino library wrapper to baremetal, what were the challenges you encounted in the migration? For example: Did you have to write your own libraries for the peripherals? Were you able to reuse any of them?
16:07:39	 From  Peter Sik : How do you handle switching different vendor frameworks when moving away from Arduino? Do you recommend avoiding vendor frameworks for a beginner (Microchip ASF etc.)?
16:08:53	 From  Peter Sik : Nevermind, basically answered
16:09:10	 From  Sai Y : thanks
16:09:15	 From  Bob Dowling : Peter: Microchip has a couple of webinars that walk you through taking an Arduino project and porting it into ASF.  I found them easy to follow, but then again I've been doing embedded work for a long time.
16:13:08	 From  NateWelch : Do you have a recommendation on good screen capture software to use when making instructional videos?
16:13:31	 From  busa2191 : Why wouldn't you want to use st-micro's CUBE bare metal ecosystem.
16:16:14	 From  Tim G : OBS is pretty good for screen recording :)
16:16:51	 From  John Lowe : yes, OBS is good (mostly)
16:17:54	 From  busa2191 : So what do you think of Platform I/O so far?
16:20:00	 From  Wellington : When moving away from Arduino IDE, how much code reuse can a developer have when making the transition?
16:21:08	 From  Leopy : For someone that has never used an RTOS, would you recommend getting started with them or stick and "excel" on lower, machine-like languages that (usually) allow for better performance?
16:22:01	 From  Naveen Shankar : Can we access map files to do linker related optimisations for Arduin targets?
16:22:50	 From  javi : Don't you think that modern IDEs like STMCubeIDE, with a graphical interface for MCU configuration and all the autogenerated code, also abstract the development too much to actually learn how things really work?
16:28:11	 From  javi : Thanks!