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Live Q&A - Elemental Robotics and Inspirations from Nature

Erin Kennedy - Watch Now - Duration: 20:00

Live Q&A - Elemental Robotics and Inspirations from Nature
Erin Kennedy
Live Q&A with Erin Kennedy for the talk titled Elemental Robotics and Inspirations from Nature
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

11:43:34	 From  maria : How often did you find you need to measure the current drain on the motor for deciding it was stuck?
11:47:01	 From  Gabe Ferencz : Have you done or are you aware of any existing work in using tech to assess hiking/biking trail conditions, such as erosion susceptibility?
11:47:05	 From  Phillip Kajubi : Any new progress on the Kite robot?
11:47:09	 From  Gillian Minnehan : Erin, I loved you talk! So fun to see what you've built. When it comes to devices out in nature, especially habitat monitoring applications, battery life is one of the biggest concerns and remains problematic. What ideas do you have around preserving the battery life as much as possible? Did you perhaps consider extreme power management for your underwater buoy robot since it might be underwater for a while?
11:47:21	 From  Gillian Minnehan : *your
11:51:28	 From  Andrew Huddleston : Great talk!  I would be interested in hearing more about the Ropeless Fishing technology.   Where is the work on this going?   I have family ties to NB fishing community who would be interested in any updates on this reasearch.  Thanks.
11:57:20	 From  Stephane   to   Max Maxfield(Direct Message) : About 3 minutes left
11:58:45	 From  Andrew Huddleston : Did you use an RTOS on any of the robots?
11:59:29	 From  Gabe Ferencz : No problem. Thanks!
12:00:40	 From  Stephane : Please ask your questions to Erin here:
12:00:41	 From  Stephane : https://embeddedonlineconference.com/session/Elemental_Robotics_and_Inspirations_from_Nature
12:00:54	 From  Andrew Huddleston : No problem. Thanks.
12:01:04	 From  Raul Pando : Great talk Erin, keep up the good work!
12:01:11	 From  Gillian Minnehan : Great job Erin!
12:01:16	 From  Charles Keepax : Thanks Erin
12:01:21	 From  Erin RobotGrrl : Sorry if I didn't get to your Q! I'll copy and paste them onto the talk page