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Live Q&A - Embedded Design During Chip Shortages

Dave Hughes - TUXERA - Watch Now - Duration: 27:03

Live Q&A - Embedded Design During Chip Shortages
Dave Hughes
Live Q&A with Dave Hughes for the theatre talk titled Embedded Design During Chip Shortages
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Score: 0 | 7 months ago | no reply

Hi Dave, it was a real pleasure listening to your talk, getting insights and and hear about your experience on SW Portability/Abstratction/... . I really appreciate you taking the time to share all this and giving us those really valuable tools and thoughts for our engineering tool-box.
There's on more thing you made me curious about and it would be great to hear your opinion/experience: During the the Q&A you made a very interesting statement about communications protocols - that THE critical part of the design is how you move the Data.
Do you have some more tipps for designing/developing a performant communication protocols? What to watch for? What are the trapps and pittfalls to avoid? Abstraction best practices?
Since I am currently working on designing a specific middleware, so to say a highlevel protocol, you hit a sweet spot with that comment :-)
I am really looking forward to hear some more of your ideas!
Thanks, Andreas

10:02:58	 From  Jacob Beningo : Feel free to enter your questions into the chat box or raise your hand to unmute your microphone and chat directly with the speaker
10:03:37	 From  Paul Vittorino : So do you not like CMSIS?
10:04:36	 From  Shilpa Anbalgan : Can you please put in the chat, on reference books
10:05:07	 From  Max Maxfield : Embedded C Coding Standard by Michael Barr
10:05:46	 From  Shilpa Anbalgan : Thank you
10:10:27	 From  Ross : MISRA C does an excellent job of making C safer. There doesn't seem to be a similar standard covering modern C++ though?
10:11:36	 From  Ross : The Misra C++ standard is very old and doesn't cover C++11.
10:14:07	 From  Max Maxfield   to   Stephane(Direct Message) : An other book is "The Hacker's Delight" by Henry S. Warren, Jr.
10:14:41	 From  Max Maxfield : Another book is "The Hacker's Delight" by Henry S. Warren, Jr.
10:19:30	 From  Paul Vittorino : How would an engineer who has not seen many different microcontrollers know the appropriate level of abstraction?
10:24:08	 From  Nathan O. : How would you justify the additional development time needed for building those abstraction when asked by management to "just get things done" ?
10:25:24	 From  Gillian Minnehan : Good question Nathan, I'm also interested in that
10:25:54	 From  Max Maxfield : Tell them it takes less time to add these abstractions than to sort things out later -- and it costs less money to sort things out upfront than when they are out in the field.
10:26:11	 From  Andreas J. : Thank you very much Dave!
10:27:30	 From  Nathan O. : Thanks, I'll try to show them your presentation, it might help educate them ;)
10:27:42	 From  Phillip Kajubi : Thank you so much!! Fantastic session
10:28:04	 From  Brandon2022 : Thank you