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Live Q&A - Hacking FPGAs & SoC FPGAs

Oren Hollander - Watch Now - EOC 2023 - Duration: 20:01

Live Q&A - Hacking FPGAs & SoC FPGAs
Oren Hollander
Live Q&A with Oren Hollander for the talk titled Hacking FPGAs & SoC FPGAs
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Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

This was a highly interesting presentation reflecting ‘The World we live in!’. Thank you.

As prevention is always better than the cure, a couple of ideas.

Would an on-chip monitoring sub-system that could diagnose pin-loading anomalies be viable i.e. high pin counts, real-estate costs et al? Also, abnormal chip core functionality checks i.e. using AI techniques similar to what Darktrace has done at the application level but within the chip cores themselves?

For non-invasive (non-contact) attacks, especially electro-magnetic sensing but also potentially for light interference, would a monitored Faraday Cage at the silicon die level be manufacturable? This assumes that sufficient thought is given for normal operating thermal heat to escape, amongst other things!

Admittedly, your focus is teaching others SoC/FPGA security including how to perform such attacks i.e. highlighting potential security flaws as opposed to providing solutions to prevent them from occurring in the first place!

08:36:53	 From  BobF : It's a full-time job just to keep abreast with nefarious hacking activities around the World. Presumably, you have quite a team behind you?
08:38:46	 From  BobF : and it's getting worse !!!
08:39:29	 From  BobF : Leakages everywhere !!
08:42:29	 From  BobF : Even the acceptance of the situation is difficult re: nefarious actors exist!
08:45:15	 From  BobF : Thank you for your comprehensive response ... I seem to have taken the floor
08:48:26	 From  BobF : Are the legal professionals around the World up to scratch to deal with this exploding problem?
08:51:33	 From  BobF : Thank you, need to investigate further!