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Live Q&A - Successful Embedded Software Design

Jacob Beningo - Watch Now - Duration: 24:50

Live Q&A - Successful Embedded Software Design
Jacob Beningo
Live Q&A with Jacob Beningo for the talk titled Successful Embedded Software Design
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10:43:47	 From Enrico : is it possible to extend the qa ? the website was down for a good while, and still not enough time to listen to the whole thing in x2...
10:45:05	 From Stephane : We will probably schedule another Q&A with Jacob later, either in the week or sometime next week.
10:45:14	 From Gonzalo : Deliver on time is always a challenge. Do you have an advise on how to dimension the amount of work hours to get a job done in embedded programming?
10:45:37	 From Enrico : Thanks Stephane!
10:50:36	 From Leroy Monitor : Not directly related to you current talk, but I am a big fan of your efforts.  RE Bandit Gangwere's talk on embedded CLI. I may have missed it but have not noticed this talked about in the few courses of yours that I've watched. Do you typically add CLI support to your apps? If so, do you have a favorite CLI implementation that might use?
10:54:58	 From Gonzalo : Thank you for your answer
10:55:26	 From Gonzalo : Agile is not easy to be applied directly on embedded systems when there is hardware development involved.
What is a good way to organize a team to develop more than one embedded project simultaneously?
10:59:12	 From Gonzalo : It sounds good. Thank you
11:00:40	 From Leroy Monitor : Thanks Jacob
11:02:42	 From Stephane  To  Jacob Beningo(privately) : Johan's talk is available now...
11:04:26	 From Enrico : great question @ali
11:05:12	 From ali joubir : thanks for the talk?
11:05:23	 From Leandro Pérez : Thanks Jacob
11:05:25	 From Jay Cosper : thanks
11:05:54	 From Leandro Pérez : Yes timeout isssue :(