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Live Q&A - Zephyr: A Vendor Neutral Secure RTOS Option

Kate Stewart - Watch Now - Duration: 22:45

Live Q&A with Kate Stewart for the talk titled Zephyr: A Vendor Neutral Secure RTOS Option
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is there any real-time performance confidence indicators and can realtime performance be known across implementations on different platforms

18:41:22	 From  Keith J : Jean - the king of RTOS! :)
18:41:40	 From  Leandro Pérez : Amazing the security of the Zephyr
18:41:55	 From  Leandro Pérez : I don't know all the benefits of the OS
18:44:48	 From  Dave Nadler : Thanks for a great OS and great talk! A few questions:

Does Zephyr provide C++ support, especially C++11 concurrency and threading support?

Can you speak to Zephyr testing on different hardware platforms?

While delivering numerous products using FreeRTOS, the bane of our development is horrific vendor-provided drivers (especially USB and Ethernet). I understand Zephyr has the protocol stacks, but what about hardware-specific drivers?
18:45:14	 From  Leandro Pérez : I see in the presentation that the system include the drivers... I2C, UART and so... In which architectures include this drivers? in all available?
18:47:55	 From  Cezar Burlacu : from what I remember on each board/soc there is a file which specify which peripherals are supported...
18:53:23	 From  Sam : I may have missed it, is pen test done on Zephyr?
18:54:57	 From  Sam : Hacking's old definntion is making something work a way no one ever thought of.
18:55:28	 From  Radu Pralea : I understand that Zephyr is multicore-oriented (supports SMP) by design, is this correct?
If yes, can it also be deployed in an AMP mode (e.g. on heterogeneous SoCs (different cores))?
18:56:55	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Sorry - I talk too much!
18:57:26	 From  Sam : Kirkhart, you're passionate, nothing wrong with that :)
18:58:36	 From  Michael Kirkhart : @Sam: thanks - I just need to remember that others have questions as well :)
19:00:55	 From  Jacob Beningo : @Michael not a problem! I hate to interrupt!
19:01:06	 From  Keith J : Thank you Kate!
19:01:14	 From  Yuriy Kozhynov : Many thanks!
19:01:18	 From  Sam : thank you.
19:01:20	 From  dayolawa : Thank you!
19:01:24	 From  Raul Pando : Thanks Kate
19:01:24	 From  Siva Aduri : Thank you Kate
19:01:35	 From  Vim : Thank you Kate
19:01:41	 From  Christopher Long : Thank you for the great talk. I am excited to give Zephyr a try. Thank you Kate!
19:01:50	 From  Jean Labrosse : Thanks Kate
19:01:59	 From  Heath Raftery : Wonderful Q&A. Well done Kate
19:03:34	 From  Michael Kirkhart : I have several talks I need to finish watching, so my "day" is not over yet