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Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee mesh networks on STM32WB MCUs

Colin Ramrattan - Alec Bath - STMicroelectronics - Watch Now - EOC 2022 - Duration: 47:11

In this webinar we will explore the STM32WB features, portfolio, and options available for purchase to help you identify the best solution for your design. We will then dive into the details of Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee Mesh networks.

At the end of this webinar, you will know how each mesh network is segmented inside the STM32WB MCU. We will also explain how the certified STM32WB5MMG module helps product teams reduce design time and complexity. You will discover the numerous STM32WB development kits offered in the STM32WB series. These include the NUCLEO-WB55RG the NUCLEO-WB15CC, as well as the STM32WB5MM-DK Discovery kit for the STM23WB module, featuring multiple sensors, a digital microphone, QSPI Flash, RGB LEDs and an OLED display to facilitate quick prototyping. We will also show you demos of Bluetooth and Zigbee Mesh networking on the STM32WB discovery kit.

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Is there a conference discount for the dev boards?

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Can I have the sample of STM32WB5MM-DK Discovery kit? Since the Board have digital microphone and lcd. I would like to apply TinyML application to this board to recognized the voice command then control other smart home zigbee devices. if possible please give me an email at johnnietien@gmail.com. Thanks