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Containerize All The Things. For Embedded? Really?

Drew Moseley

Containerize All The Things. For Embedded? Really?
Drew Moseley

Using containers in Embedded Linux devices is becoming more of a reality every day. Many of these devices are extremely high-powered and the benefits provided by containers are attractive to system designers. The ability to easily install, update and replace application payloads makes for a powerful design that is used in a variety of industries.

In this talk, Drew will provide an overview of containers, including a discussion of their architecture and implementation, as well as both technical and non-technical benefits of using them. We will discuss their impact on system performance as well as touch on the developer workflows needed to create and use them in systems.

We will then compare a few common approaches for creating, managing, and deploying containers including Docker, the Open Container Initiative) and OpenEmbedded. We will highlight the benefits of each approach and include considerations that designers can use to help decide which approach to use.

We will wrap up with some examples that highlight the value of containers in real-world use cases.

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