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Embedded System for IoT in Rural : A Proposed Solution

Agus Mulyana - Watch Now - Duration: 11:02

Embedded System for IoT in Rural : A Proposed Solution
Agus Mulyana
Embedded systems have an important role for the internet of things. This unit usually consists of a microcontroller, sensors, actuators and an energy source. For IoT in rural areas, it has its own challenges, due to unstable internet network conditions which can reduce system performance, wasteful energy consumption and can cause the system to malfunction. To overcome this, it is necessary to design embedded systems specifically to anticipate these problems
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Thanks for the presentation. Do you have more info on the Hexamesh topology you are proposing ? In general when running on battery and using LoRa, devices are not listening continuously because RX power is quite high. How would a quasi-mesh system work without always-on listening capabilities ? Also, for the message transmission have you taken into account the duty cycle limitations that LoRa suffers in some parts of the world (for exemple Europe) ?