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How to Keep Your Secret (Key)?

Pawel Gielmuda

How to Keep Your Secret (Key)?
Pawel Gielmuda

During the presentation I will start by exploring low-level attacks to obtain secret keys:

  •  Examining the Meltdown and Spectre attacks, which exploit hardware architectural features,
  •  Understanding Side Channel Attacks on AES based on chip power consumption,
  •  Analyzing example of poor key management and quality in WEP WiFi networks.

After that, I will explain how to secure cryptography keys by:

  • proper generation (entropy and random number generator)
  • safe exchange (Diffie-Helman and Quantum key approach)
  • proper distribution (centralized vs distributed -> PKI vs blockchain approach)
  • secure storage (in embedded devices, servers, hardware wallets)

Finally, I will provide an example of an IoT device to illustrate how the above features are demonstrated in real-world application.

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