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Integrating NFC into your application: What you need to know

Dan Merino - STMicroelectronics - Watch Now - Duration: 26:28

In this session we will show you how to overcome the most common design challenges in NFC integration to achieve optimal performance and fast time-to-market.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that uses magnetic field induction to enable contact-less data exchange between two compatible devices moved within close proximity to one another. While simple in concept, implementing a robust and high-performing NFC design can be daunting, as developers must first consider things like passing certifications, interoperability, shrinking size requirements, low power consumption, and development time.

In the session, we will start by exploring the most common NFC reader applications in today's fast-growing NFC market. We will discuss the principle design challenges faced by engineers, and how to resolve them using the ST25R3916 high-performance NFC universal reader.

This industry-leading device boasts a unique set of features including dynamic power output, automatic antenna tuning, noise suppression receiver, and low power wake up, which make it ideal for robust and efficient designs over a wide range of consumer and industrial NFC applications.

You will learn:

  • the main challenges of designing an NFC reader and how to overcome them
  • about the ST25R3916 high-performance NFC universal reader device
  • how to exploit the device's unique features to design a best-in-class solution
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Thank you for sharing the information Dan! Could you please share the ppt of this seminar?