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Linux on RISC-V

Drew Fustini - Watch Now - Duration: 38:33

Linux on RISC-V
Drew Fustini
It is an exciting time for Linux on RISC-V, the open instruction set (ISA) that is quickly gaining critical mass. I will introduce the pieces needed to boot Linux on RISC-V including the Privileged Architecture, OpenSBI and U-Boot, and how that fits into the upcoming RISC-V Platform Specification. I will break down support for existing hardware and current upstreaming efforts. I will also discuss how the arch/riscv maintenance guidelines try to avoid unnecessary churn as the landscape of RISC-V extensions continues to evolve.
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Score: 0 | 1 year ago | 1 reply

Thank you for your talk! It sounds like RISC-V is working well for Western Digital and NVIDIA and others. Do you think we'll see even bigger companies shift to RISC-V? If not, what do you see as the main reasons that they would keeping an expensive license with Arm, for example?

Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

Hello, I think we will see more and more silicon vendors have at least some involvement in RISC-V. Samsung has talked about how it is using RISC-V in its 5G mobile RF and AI image sensors (https://www.anandtech.com/show/15228/samsung-to-use-riscv-cores). Intel has a new RISC-V initiative (https://riscv.org/news/2022/02/intel-corporation-makes-deep-investment-in-risc-v-community-to-accelerate-innovation-in-open-computing/) as well. Renesas is a major processor manufacturer for automotive and they have announced a RISC-V SoC (https://www.renesas.com/tw/en/about/press-room/renesas-pioneers-risc-v-technology-rzfive-general-purpose-mpus-based-64-bit-risc-v-cpu-core). It remains to be seen how long it will take for RISC-V implementations to be on par with Arm or even AMD/Intel in terms of high performance for generic workloads. For now, RISC-V is really shining in embedded use cases and also specific niches like machine learning accelerators like the Esperanto ET-SoC-1 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmUu-lN7D0k).

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That was enlightening. Thanks.

Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

Great talk, thank you!

Score: 0 | 1 year ago | 2 replies

We have the wrong slides :(

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Should be fixed now.

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Indeed! Let me fix this.