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Live Discussion - Best Practices for Developing Real-time Embedded Systems

Jacob Beningo - Watch Now - Duration: 01:13:39

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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

16:01:19	 From  Axel : i can’t hear anyone
16:01:55	 From  Aiken Pang : yes
16:01:56	 From  RhettEvans : very clear
16:01:58	 From  Taoufik : yes
16:02:03	 From  dbayeh : I can
16:02:21	 From  Rob Townley : i can hear as well.
16:10:22	 From  Dan Davidson : Also consider is chip widely used, are there a lot of errata (chip has many bugs), etc.
16:15:25	 From  RhettEvans : great tip thank you
16:26:29	 From  Rob Townley : even with gcc optimizations?
16:28:12	 From  wilmar01 : How would you rank the popularity of RTOSs?
16:29:38	 From  Miguel Ángel Castillo Martínez : where should i start in embedded systems?
16:31:16	 From  Rob Townley : sorry, i was switching apps to get a url and accidentally killed Zoom.
16:31:38	 From  Rob Townley : https://www.powercastco.com/    PowerCasting device but there are others.
16:38:04	 From  Sony Xperia 10 (AOSP) : @RhettEvans: You may want to have a look at https://linutronix.de/en
16:49:10	 From  Elias Fliger : @Matthew Isaacson, RTAI might be interesting to look for… it has been around for a few years already. https://www.rtai.org/
16:50:15	 From  Dan Davidson : what about QNX?
16:56:20	 From  Dan Davidson : Agree! Explaining problem to co-worker and 'pop' you see the cause of the problem!
16:57:06	 From  Matthew Isaacson : @Elias Fliger: Thanks for the tip!
16:57:54	 From  Andrew Chilcott : You can do quite a lot of tests on the hardware using asserts in #define wrappers
17:01:23	 From  Nikos Plevritakis : Rust programming language for embedded microcontrollers?
17:03:17	 From  rodix9 : C++ Check
17:05:13	 From  Rob Townley : problem with open source is that there is no advertising so we Zoom comes to mimd when Jitsi is open source.
17:07:55	 From  Ann Vroom : will be great is host can share entire chat transcript w. attendees afterwards - I think host can do that in Zoom … :-) thx!
17:10:41	 From  Bala Subramanian : Hello everyone 
17:13:04	 From  Bala Subramanian : How is Python connected to Ruby Rails?
17:13:04	 From  Piotr : A commercial static code analyzer which has a free option is PVS-Studio: https://www.viva64.com/en/b/0457/
17:13:59	 From  Ann Vroom : thx - great session!
17:14:15	 From  rene : Great
17:14:35	 From  Andrew Chilcott : That was great, thank you
17:14:41	 From  Matthew Isaacson : Thanks, presentation much appreciated! I hope there will be more like this one!
17:14:44	 From  RhettEvans : THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
17:14:56	 From  Naveen Kumar Gaddala : Thanks very much!!!
17:14:57	 From  Priyesh Sharma : Really great session. It was very useful. Thanks
17:15:09	 From  Bryan Campbell : Thanks for putting yourself on the spot answering all those questions!
17:15:10	 From  George Pappas : Thank you very much
17:15:11	 From  rodix9 : Thank you