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Live Q&A - Building Accelerated Applications with Vitis

Adam Taylor - Watch Now - Duration: 27:51

Live Q&A with Adam Taylor for the workshop talk titled Building Accelerated Applications with Vitis
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Does Xilinx support developing OpenCL applications with Vitis using FreeRTOS instead of Linux?

12:45:01	 From  EricS : Is OpenCL inherently limited to the host bandwidth? My target real-time application has an input data interface connected directly to the FPGA, and a output data interface also connected to the FPGA.  I'd like to use C to program the FPGA. I'm ok using a host to configure the FPGA and check it's status and control a UI.  But I don't want to have to transfer all of my data back and forth to the host!  Especially as the host might not be sufficiently real-time.  Is OpenCL and Vitis a good solution for this scenario, or should I stick with VHDL  /Verilog with a few memory-mapped registers for talking to the host?
12:45:34	 From  Dave Nadler : Would this flow work for speech recognition or at least keyword recognition?
12:47:46	 From  Marian Szabo : What was the 300USD range board he mentioned while ago ?
12:49:58	 From  Michael Kirkhart : I believe this is the Ultra 96 board mentioned: https://www.avnet.com/shop/us/products/avnet-engineering-services/aes-ultra96-v2-g-3074457345638646173/
12:50:17	 From  Michael Kirkhart : It shows a price of about $250
12:52:53	 From  Chris Venter : How would you implement DSP processing using Vitis - would you use OpenCL FFT libraries for instance or does the XRT library provide DSP primitives directly?
12:56:45	 From  Dave Nadler : Thanks Adam - Really educational!
12:58:10	 From  Radu Pralea : What would be the order of magnitude of a round trip latency for a setup you mentioned before (with FPGA in the middle, and the host at both ends) for a cheap platform you suggested ($300 board rather than a $3000 PCIe card)?
13:00:23	 From  Radu Pralea : got it, thanks. I wanted to use a x86 host :)
13:00:45	 From  Radu Pralea : yes, but expensive
13:01:21	 From  Radu Pralea : thank you
13:02:26	 From  Iván GB : Thank you