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Live Q&A - Design Considerations for Robust RF Performance

Antonio Mascioli - STMicroelectronics - Watch Now - Duration: 30:47

Live Q&A with Antonio Mascioli for the theatre talk titled Design Considerations for Robust RF Performance
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Score: 0 | 5 months ago | 1 reply

Great presentation, with IMHO perfect depth and speed for this timeframe. Provided some refreshments as well as new insights to me. Esp. the IPDs, didn't had them on my map resp. not from ST. Thanks a lot.
It would be great if this presentation video would be generally available , to forward it to some layouters. Maybe someday on the ST site, as an even more extensive course?

Score: 0 | 5 months ago | no reply

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.
I will enquire regarding setting up some sort of course. The only possibility I see is to include a course/seminar at one of our Technology Tours which provide detailed presentations and tutorials.
I will pass along the comment internally.

Score: 0 | 5 months ago | 1 reply

Slide link is broken, points to a picture only.

Score: 0 | 5 months ago | no reply

Hi Andreas,
unfortunately, you are correct. I am not certain how this can be repaired at this time other than type in the address and you will get to the general landing page(s). From there you can navigate.

17:33:05	 From  apr : Thanks a lot for this educating and insightful presentation, diving into the RF field. Just finished watching.
17:33:47	 From  apr : In this respect, is this video somewhere (freely and maybe even shareble) available?
17:34:31	 From  Michael Kirkhart : The slide deck link for the talk is actually an image, and not the slide deck.
17:35:11	 From  Stephane : We'll fix the slide deck
17:35:37	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Thanks
17:36:47	 From  apr : Stack might be free, but BT SIG is not...
17:37:40	 From  apr : To my understanding, BT SIG is not only about the lgo, but BT usage in general (in a product)?
17:38:24	 From  apr : Fair enough. No judge around ;-)
17:39:44	 From  apr : Regarding design, do ypu think the ST provided layout guides are sufficient for a working (not optimal, but OK) RF setup?
Esp. when using IPDs?
Any good/bad experience?
17:43:33	 From  RF : How can this 'full-spectrum' magic avoid being 'taken for granted' if certified modules are generally available as opposed to low-level discrete component-level designs? I refer to the broad RF knowledge that is necessary to comprehend these analogue difficulties ... way beyond EMI / EMC compliance.
17:45:56	 From  apr : About design support, is ST offering also (maybe paid) design review?
17:47:23	 From  apr : So the IPDs are close to silver bullet (if chosen the corret one), but not a perfect bullet. Correct?
17:48:19	 From  Michael Kirkhart : "Ground" is a term my grad school EMC professor forbid us to use.
17:49:56	 From  RF : I'm also referring to the issue of continuing skills (RF Engineering) inflow, or lack of, into the industry.
18:00:15	 From  Amy McNeil : Thank You!
18:01:37	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Either you or James Clerke Maxwell is going to determine your return current paths.
18:02:25	 From  RF : Thanks, appreciate your broad knowledge