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Live Q&A - Introduction to Encryption for Embedded Linux Developers

Sergio Prado - Watch Now - Duration: 19:02

Live Q&A with Sergio Prado for the talk titled Introduction to Encryption for Embedded Linux Developers
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Score: 1 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

Absolutely fantastic summary and practical hands-on demos of tool usage, thank you Sergio! I too look forward for the "Hands-on: data in transit encryption" blog post!

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Thanks Steve! I currently working on the blog posts and looking forward to publishing soon.

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

Nice overview and refresher on basics with hands on session. I have enjoyed. Will look forward for the "Hands-on: data in transit encryption" blog post.

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Hi PrashantVP! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

14:46:53	 From  Erwin : You already mentioned it's just a short and simple introduction, I se that most of the time symetric and asymetric encryption is always compared according key size and resource usage. But what about long term security of data. Especially nowadays as brute force attacks are more and more relevant?
14:48:48	 From  Scott K : Cryto done right is constant time, so the overhead can be factored into the design.
14:51:22	 From  Erwin : There are at least AES implementations running on AVR32 Hardware, but like Michael mentions it depends on your realtime!
14:53:40	 From  Mark Z : All of the crypto algorithms are based on hard problems that are assumed that they cannot be solved in real-time and they depend on the size of the key. 
14:53:57	 From  Sam : Does the tshirt contain something special in the :() erc.
14:54:05	 From  Gerhard : Fork bomb
14:56:16	 From  Sam : don't create your own encryption that has not been tested.
14:56:29	 From  Mark Z : What Sam said!
14:56:35	 From  Michael Kirkhart : LOL on the "we need secure boot but do not know what it means"!
14:56:42	 From  Gerhard : That’s the most important one!
14:56:44	 From  Mark Z : I took a course for a master's program and that was the 1st thing the professor said
14:58:10	 From  Sam : have you looked at open source code encryption to understand how it works?
14:58:31	 From  Gerhard : Like MD5 & SHA1
14:58:54	 From  Sam : like AES or older. MG5 is a hash.
14:59:08	 From  Erwin : And like many speakers mentionend use best practices and get experts!
14:59:16	 From  Michael Kirkhart : To better understand the use and difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, take a look at TLS
14:59:39	 From  Gerhard : Was about being broken.
15:00:27	 From  Raul Pando : Thanks a lot Sergio
15:00:29	 From  javi : Thanks Sergio
15:00:29	 From  Erwin : Thanks a lot!
15:00:31	 From  Gerhard : Thanks!
15:00:39	 From  Sam : thx