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Live Q&A - Open Source Hardware

Helen Leigh - Watch Now - Duration: 20:37

Live Q&A with Helen Leigh for the talk titled Open Source Hardware
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Any information on open source systems. For example, a plan for open source food production. Here is a link to article about how tech food production. Would be great to have community based ownership of food instead of Bill owning it.

16:41:36	 From  Leandro Pérez : Hi Helen!
16:41:49	 From  helenleigh : Heyyyyyyyy everyone!
16:41:55	 From  Leandro Pérez : From Colombia
16:43:31	 From  Alex : What tools have you found most useful for open hardware development?
16:44:06	 From  Doug Peters : Hi Helen, can you speak a l;ittle bit more about your prderred open source licenses? Software/Hardware
16:44:14	 From  Doug Peters : preferreds
16:44:20	 From  Doug Peters : preffered
16:44:29	 From  Doug Peters : Haven't even started drinking yet
16:45:08	 From  Jeremy Schreiber : Great talk!  With the rise in the availability of open source hardware it's tempting to incorporate such hardware into commercial products.  Are there limitations to using open source hardware in commercial applications.
16:45:16	 From  Michael Kirkhart : https://theamphour.com/501-discussing-the-open-source-pdk-with-tim-ansell/
16:45:53	 From  David Potter : I am frustrated with open source software and user interface APIs. Any suggestions?
16:46:14	 From  Michael Kirkhart : https://theamphour.com/525-open-fpga-toolchains-and-machine-learning-with-brian-faith-of-quicklogic/
16:47:54	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Regarding the "Googles" of the world hijacking your work for commercial gain - there are certain licenses (such as GPL) which they will avoid at all costs.
16:48:31	 From  Alex Burka : is there a GPL for hardware?
16:50:12	 From  Elecia : There is the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA.org: https://www.oshwa.org/definition/)
16:50:58	 From  Leandro Pérez : What is gain from free my hardware design as Open Source? if the idea is create a business around it? I haven't clear this point
16:55:11	 From  Leandro Pérez : What is the name of your magazine?
16:56:58	 From  Leandro Pérez : What projects do you know from build toys open source for babies or kids?
16:57:35	 From  Michael Kirkhart : https://www.wildlabs.net/resources/news/plant-powered-camera-trap-breakthrough
17:01:29	 From  Adelle Lin : Thanks Helen! great to see you
17:01:46	 From  Christopher Long : Thanks Helen!
17:01:58	 From  Leandro Pérez : Thanks Helen
17:02:06	 From  Tom.Davies : Thank  you
17:02:12	 From  DevBox : Thank you...
17:02:21	 From  javi : Thanks Helen, nice tatto by the way!
17:02:31	 From  Iván GB : Byeee
17:02:33	 From  Sam : thx