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Live Q&A - Safety Critical System Design on ARM Cortex-M

Suraj Joseph - Watch Now - EOC 2024 - Duration: 24:49

Live Q&A - Safety Critical System Design on ARM Cortex-M
Suraj Joseph
Live Q&A with Suraj Joseph for the talk titled Safety Critical System Design on ARM Cortex-M
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Score: 0 | 1 month ago | no reply

Great talk!

Score: 0 | 2 months ago | 1 reply

Great talk and Q&A! It ties in with Elicia’s well on hard fault handlers. There was a detailed talk on MPUs in a previous EOC by Jean Labrosse. I worked on an aerospace project once to DO178C Level A where they used qualified code generators from a model for the application (manual code for lower layers), which helped with the safety case.

Score: 1 | 1 month ago | no reply

Thanks for the recommendations! A qualified code generator can definitely be a viable strategy, and help ensure program correctness.

10:08:41 From David to Everyone:
	Do you have some comments about integrating Machine Learning into Functional Safety?
10:13:16 From BobF to Everyone:
	Comment: Very good over-view slides wise (that includes ‘Fault Management’ !!), thank you.
	Qu.) Following the consequences of this amount of complexity (in current/future transportation vehicles), who can we expect to maintain/service them … Quantum Mechanics? 
	Comment: Comprehensive built-in diagnostics really must be key …
10:19:58 From BobF to Everyone:
	Thanks, happy motoring !!
10:21:21 From David to Everyone:
	Can you comment on Anomaly Detection in the process of determining possible faults?
10:27:22 From Lyden Smith to Everyone:
	Thank you Suraj!