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Suraj Joseph

Suraj Joseph has over 15 years of experience in developing embedded systems for consumer electronics, self-driving vehicles, and military robotics applications. He is currently a technical lead on the embedded firmware team at Aurora Innovation, where the team is busy building autonomous vehicle technology for self-driving trucks and robo-taxi applications. Suraj enjoys being on the bleeding edge of technology and discovering legacy embedded protocols from the past in equal measure. He would love to share some of his hard-learned lessons in the industry, as well as learn from everyone attending the EOC.

Safety Critical System Design on ARM Cortex-M

Status: Coming up in April 2024!

Learn how to build resilient, safety-critical embedded systems, and discuss practical techniques to implement:

  • Freedom from Interference (FFI) in mixed criticality systems
  • Program Flow Monitoring
  • Memory Partitioning and Task Isolation
  • Fault Management
  • Security

The talk will be structured as a case study of an automotive ECU used on a modern self-driving vehicle, utilizing FreeRTOS and an ARM Cortex CPU.

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