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Live Q&A - Using Visual Trace Diagnostics to Evaluate Linux User space and Kernel space Implementations

Mohammed Billoo - Percepio - Watch Now - Duration: 25:41

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10:06:15	 From  Matt Liberty : I see that LTTng also has a GUI tool.  What are the advantages of Tracealyzer?
10:10:30	 From  Iain Chalmers : At what point does LTTng become active? Only when I have an active capture running? i.e. will starting a session actively change the timing of my code or is it always there and running, and just dumping to /dev/null?
10:12:43	 From  Matt Liberty : Thank you!
10:13:14	 From  javi : To what extent does Tracealyzer influence the system that is being analyzed? is it appropriate for debugging tight timing applications?
10:16:48	 From  Iain Chalmers : OK thanks!
10:18:19	 From  javi : great, thanks!
10:24:04	 From  Radu Pralea : In your slides, you were mentioning something about "near real-time" analysis. Could you develop a bit, please?
10:26:08	 From  Radu Pralea : oh, ok, so there is real-time streaming . Thanks!