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The $5 Wrench: Realistic Embedded Security Threats

Colin O'Flynn - Watch Now - Duration: 25:07

Blockchain. Secure Boot. E-Fuse. ECDSA. Secure Manufacturing. When it comes time to ship your product you'll hear all sorts of comforting words like this - but when it comes time for attackers to steal your IP, they will ignore about 95% of them. This talk will discuss some recent attacks & show you where they fall in terms of realism. It will then show you how to recreate some of them, which is useful in understanding how to protect your own products. It will also discuss products that have shown to be vulnerable, and how you can still use these products without totally redesigning your product.

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Score: 0 | 6 months ago | no reply

Very nice overview on such a complex topic. I'd say that when it comes to bluetooth, there's a lot of bad reputation, even though most of the time, the bluetooth users (I.e. app level, end products) are basically buying the wrench and using it on themselves:)

Score: 0 | 6 months ago | no reply

Thank you for a very interesting presentation. I'm looking forward to checking out your book when it is available.

Score: 0 | 6 months ago | no reply

Great talk, thank you Mr Colin.