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Luca Ingianni

Luca Ingianni is a co-founder at vempio GmbH, where he tries to share his experience as an engineer to bring successful agile development practices to his clients' teams as an agile coach and trainer.

After receiving a Master's degree in mechanical engineering at TU Dresden, he started his career testing helicopter avionics. Since then, he has been part of many teams (frequently in the safety-critical embedded domain), and observed many approaches to engineering practice.

His advocacy for properly applied agile is a result of his experiences, good and bad, at these many teams and coming to the conclusion that agile isn't just a nice theory, but necessary (and rigorous) engineering practice.

He is also co-host of the Agile Embedded podcast, where he evangelizes pragmatic agile practices for developing embedded systems.

How to do Embedded Development in an Agile Way

Status: Available Now

Agile: what is it, and what isn't it -- you might think that this topic would be settled by now, but the debate seems to be increasing if anything.  I've encountered many doubts about whether agile makes sense for embedded in the first place, and how to apply its principles.

So in this talk I'll try to summarise how to understand agile, and how to apply it in the embedded domain.

  • What's the mindset and philosophy behind Agile (I promise, it's not sprints)
  • Should you be using agile in the first place?
  • How can you possibly apply it in physical products?
  • How does it work in regulated, i.e. safety-critical contexts?
  • How can you convince your coworkers, your managers -- and perhaps even yourself, to give it a try?
  • Where should I start, and who do I need to ask for permission?

I'll also try to address the most frequent doubts, criticisms and especially misunderstandings of agile, particularly as applied to embedded systems.

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