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RT-Smart Open Source Micro-kernel Operating System

Bernard Xiong - Watch Now - Duration: 21:44

RT-Smart Open Source Micro-kernel Operating System
Bernard Xiong

There's a growing demand for embedded operating systems, and it's best when the one you build upon is open source. The RT-Thread project's R&D team has spent three years of research and intensive development to arrive at the project's latest offering: RT-Thread Smart. It is a microkernel operating system aimed primarily at midrange to high-end processors such as RISC-V or Arm Cortex-A that with a memory management unit (MMU) and provides a competitive and POSIX-based software platform for all industries in the embedded space.

Topics include:

  1. What is Micro-Kernel Operating System?
  2. What's RT-Smart and Who needs RT-Smart?
  3. Application Scenarios
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Score: 0 | 5 months ago | no reply

Hi Bernard... Thanks for the talk... I don't understand the difference between RT-Thread and RT-Thread Smart? ... And what is a good resource to start to use RT-Thread initially with microcontrollers ARM Cortex-M? Thanks