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Live Q&A - Discover the ST60 - New high-speed 60GHz RF Transceiver

Shray Khullar - STMicroelectronics - Watch Now - Duration: 20:56

Live Q&A with Shray Khullar for the theatre talk titled Discover the ST60 - New high-speed 60GHz RF Transceiver
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

14:37:09	 From  1 - Matthew Lai : Do we need FCC approval for this 60GHz technology?
14:38:25	 From  Yuriy Kozhynov : Is it point-to-point communication? Or 3 or more devices can do a mesh?
14:38:28	 From  1 - Matthew Lai : Is this safe to run in medical device?
14:42:22	 From  Yuriy Kozhynov : Yes, thanks!
14:43:21	 From  1 - Matthew Lai : I just wonder if the 60GHz may cause interference ...
14:44:53	 From  1 - Matthew Lai : Cool. Thanks!
14:48:42	 From  Yuriy Kozhynov : We should to collect money for 100GGz oscilloscope :-) 2 millions!