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Creativity with Constraints

Tina Seelig - EOC - Duration: 26:40

Creativity with Constraints
Tina Seelig
In this time of great uncertainty, it is important to remember that creativity thrives with constraints. In this interactive session, Tina Seelig will explore ways to look at limitations as fuel for innovation, using examples from across time and space from Apollo XIII to San Quentin State Prison. The talk will be followed by Q&A with the participants.
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Score: 0 | 1 year ago | 1 reply

I think this video has been uploaded/linked incorrectly. I see the Q&A with Natali Tshuva instead of the Keynote with Tina Seelig. Is it possible, the upload went wrong?
Thanks for your help!

Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

Indeed, Natali's video as been uploaded in the right place now.
As for Tina's recording, there were major audio issues in the recording and it won't be uploaded. We will try to get Tina to give the session again in the near future and hope for a better recording.

Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

It is good to have a mix at different times high constraints medium and low constraints. Each will yield different types of results that can be surprising.
This was a great talk to help with collaborative skills from a single person to within a team.
A good reminder not to get siloed off, because different people bring types different contributions.