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Live Q&A - Prototyping Industrial Control Concept Applications Using MicroPython and the BBC micro:bit.

Dr. Don Wilcher - Watch Now - Duration: 20:26

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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

17:41:39	 From  Leandro Pérez : Hi everyone from Colombia
17:42:52	 From  Leandro Pérez : What do you think about the Raspberry Pi Pico as Rapid Prototyping platform... This is programmed in MicroPython too
17:45:01	 From  Leandro Pérez : Currently I have designed a course for an University to teach MicroPython to the students using the Raspberry Pi Pico
17:46:45	 From  mzaleski : I'm still researching the Microbit specs.  I'm curious about combining your talk with previous talks for continuous testing.  It seems the micro-bit would fit in well to easily drive the test rig for a board/firmware in continuous build & test.
17:47:23	 From  Michael Kirkhart : LOL!
17:48:15	 From  Michael Kirkhart : I have his uC/OS book!
17:48:42	 From  Michael Kirkhart : They still make the SLC500?  Wow!
17:51:54	 From  Tom Tom : You mention researching machine learning in the bio, and there's a lot of buzz around ML/AI - have you put together any prototypes making using of ML that you could share?
17:56:33	 From  Leandro Pérez : I am teaching Micropython to my daughters ;)
17:57:53	 From  Davy Baker : Have you found a use case where Micropython is a better choice than CircuitPython ?
17:59:17	 From  Michael Kirkhart : According to the Adafruit WWW site, CircuitPython is a bit larger than MicroPython and will not fit on a BBC micro:bit (at least version 1)
18:00:04	 From  Leandro Pérez : Thanks @Don
18:01:01	 From  Sam : thank you.
18:01:07	 From  Charles Miller : Always a pleasure attending your talks, Don.  See you at Design News soon...