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Simplifying integration of sensor data using NFC enabled Multi-Sensor Node

John Tran - STMicroelectronics - Watch Now - Duration: 01:26:41

As NFC becomes ubiquitous, its applications range from mobile payment to sensor data logging. During this approximately 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to integrate NFC, sensors and a microcontroller to create an NFC Sensor node. This workshop will combine the STM32L031 low-power MCU, ST25DV NFC Dynamic Tag IC, HTS221 Humidity and Temperature Sensor, LPS22HB Barometer/Altimeter and LIS2DW12 3-axis accelerometer into the NFC Sensor node.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of NFC Technology
  • ST NFC Product Portfolio
  • ST Sensors Technology
  • Firmware and hardware structure
  • Using ST25R3911B NFC reader to read sensor data from the Sensor Tag.

The NFC hands-on will use the following kits and are available from our Distributors such as DigiKey or Mouser Electronics.

- ST25R3911B-DISCO (this is an NFC/RFID discovery board)

- STEVAL-SMARTAG1 (this is an NFC/RFIF evaluation board)

- CABLES USB A to Micro B

- CR2032 battery

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Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Is anyone else out there having trouble getting the ST25PC-NFC software to run on a Windows 10 machine? It starts, shows the application interface for a fraction of a second, then shuts down again. I've tried running as administrator, rebooting several times, and running with and without the ST25R3911B board plugged into my computer. I've also tried a fresh install of Java.
<> - I got this thing working somehow - not sure what I did, but in trying to find other ways to communicate with the tags, I installed the ST25R3911B Discovery GUI, ran it, updated the board firmware (option in the interface), and spent a bit of time playing around with the tags in the kit. Then just for the hell of it I tried running ST25PC-NFC - and this time it started and stayed up! So I think there is something that happens in the ST25R3911B Discovery GUI installation process which is required for the ST25PC-NFC program to run, but not actually done in that program's install process.

Score: -1 | 2 years ago | no reply

Is the presentation available?