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Why MISRA Matters!

Andrew Banks - LDRA - Watch Now - Duration: 24:01

In this talk, Andrew Banks will discuss the importance of the static analysis in general, and the MISRA C/C++ Guidelines in particular, within Verification and Validation ("V&V") activities.

It will showcase common pitfalls that MISRA seeks to help avoid, and rationale behind some of the guidelines, while introducing the recent Amendment 2 to MISRA C:2012.

The presentation will also highlight why it is important to analyse and release "production" code.

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Score: 0 | 3 years ago | no reply

What is the difference between Verification and Validation in your perspective?

Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

Thank you for the nice presentation!

Score: 1 | 4 years ago | 1 reply

This might be a silly question, but on your slide for "The standard C Language" you mention that ISO C 2018 is, a "TC"; what does that mean?

Andrew BanksSpeaker
Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

Nothing is a "silly question".
TC = Technical Corrigendum... ie editorial changes only (although a couple of technical changes crept in too)

Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

Verifying on slide 20 "MISRA Compliance is NOT" section the second bullet should add the word "just" to the phrase on the left. MISRA Compliance is NOT "just" applicable to the software but "also" to the development lifecycle?.

Score: 0 | 4 years ago | 1 reply

Also looking for the slides, please

Andrew BanksSpeaker
Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

They are available to the left of the page.

Score: 1 | 4 years ago | 2 replies

Hi Andrew, folks in my organization like MISRA C checking to various degrees (and turn on/off rules in IAR according to those opinions). I'm aiming at a standard set of static checking options for my organization. IAR provides MISRA C. Also, I'm aiming to migrate the organization to C++, but still maintain automatic static checking of rules (could be one standard, could be many). I've heard of MISRA C++ as a potential way to avoid the pitfalls of doing MISRA C checking on C++ code (it flags things I don't think are violations at times). CERT C and CERT C++ are other options. I've also heard great things about Clang-tidy's checker. Of course, there's always PC Lint. And advice for where best to turn?

Score: 0 | 4 years ago | 1 reply

Hello, I’d be interested in more information about MISRA C++ too. I use the MISRA C 2004 rules in mixed C/C++ code using IAR EWARM, disabling them for all 3rd party code.

Andrew BanksSpeaker
Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

Headline info available at:
But happy to discuss further.

Andrew BanksSpeaker
Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

Hi Jeremy...
Obviously, I'm biased, so I think that MISRA C/C++ is generally better than CERT C/C++... and obviously, if you are using C++ then you ought to be using MISRA C++.
MISRA Compliance gives you guidance of how to recategorize (or disapply) Guidelines, and I commend that to you.
I'm now employed by LDRA, so it would not be appropriate for me to comment on other tools - suffice it to say I was an LDRA user before joining the company...
I'm happy to discuss this further by email, if you like... Andrew dot Banks at LDRA dot Com

Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

So even slick-and-easy Apple products have bugs, oh dear!

Score: 1 | 4 years ago | 1 reply

Thank you. Are your slides available for download, please?

Andrew BanksSpeaker
Score: 0 | 4 years ago | 1 reply

Yes... they should have been available, but will chase!

Score: 0 | 4 years ago | 1 reply

Rumor has it there's a way for you to drag-n-drop a PDF onto the "slide desk" box on the left on your interface. (I'm parroting a response from a previous inquiry on another presentation -- I know nothing about it myself.)

Andrew BanksSpeaker
Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

I'd tried that, and it didnt work... but it does now :-)

Enjoy... get in touch if you have any questions: Andrew dot Banks at LDRA dot com

Score: 1 | 4 years ago | no reply

Short and sweet, unlike most standards :)