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MicroTalks Session #2

Frida Gail Rojas Contreras - Clive "Max" Maxfield - Glenn Kirilow - Steven Graves - Watch Now - Duration: 01:22:45

In this MicroTalks Session:

#1: CRC Algorithms
Speaker: Frida Gail Rojas Contreras

#2: What the FAQ is Switch Bounce & Debounce?
speaker: Max the Magnificient

#3: How to Migrate to a New FPGA Device Manufacturer
Speaker: Glenn Kirilow

#4: Why Real-Time Systems Need a Real-Time Database
speaker: Steven Graves

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Score: 0 | 5 months ago | 1 reply

This was a really interesting set of small talks, I'm glad I took the time to watch!

Score: 0 | 5 months ago | no reply

Hi Mark -- thanks so much for attending -- I really enjoyed presenting -- Max

17:41:35	 From  Jim Kresse : Will the slides be available?
17:42:58	 From  Phil Kasiecki : Thank you Frida!
17:43:24	 From  Piotr Kasprzyk, IETU, Poland : Is it possible to correct errors?
17:43:34	 From  Gabriel Aguilar Lemus : Thanks Frida!
17:44:19	 From  Jim Kresse : Will the slides be available?
17:44:55	 From  Enrico : Is there an optimal polynomial ?
17:46:06	 From  Stephane   to   Jim Kresse(Direct Message) : Hey Jim, yes we will try to make the slides available - but it could take a few days
17:46:26	 From  Steve Wheeler : I’ve used CRCs in embedded applications since the 1990s. About 25 years ago, I went through a couple pages of step-by-step CRC calculations to work out the shifts and logical operations to calculate byte-by-byte CRCs using only one 16-bit variable and about 18 machine instructions.
17:46:28	 From  Jacob Beningo : Yes, we will get the slides and post them
17:46:30	 From  Jim Kresse   to   Stephane(Direct Message) : I understand. Thanks!
17:46:53	 From  Jay Cosper : how do you decide the size/value of the polynominal?
17:50:30	 From  Enrico : cool - thanks guys!
17:50:34	 From  Gillian Minnehan : Thank you Frida! Great talk
17:50:42	 From  Glenn Kirilow : Thanks Frida, nicely done!
17:50:43	 From  Jay Cosper : thank you !
18:06:32	 From  Stephane : Max went a bit over the 10 minutes limit ?
18:06:54	 From  Max Maxfield : Sneak!!!
18:15:12	 From  Glenn Kirilow : Haha, good thing you didn't run it as Just In Time.
18:21:35	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Actually, large consumer electronics companies are at the top of the food chain.  The automotive companies got to learn this the hard way.
18:22:12	 From  Glenn Kirilow : Correct, it is just the current reality.
18:28:56	 From  Jay Cosper : I would think the toolchain differences are a huge hurdle. What do you think?
18:31:15	 From  Cole Wyant : FPGA tools are generally made with non software oriented EE's in mind. They all typically have a green play button at the top that do a standard build.
18:31:56	 From  Jay Cosper : Like popular SW tools IAR, Segger?
18:32:32	 From  Robert Hancock : It also depends on how many vendor-specific logic cores you are using. If you switch vendors, those won't come with you.
18:33:48	 From  Jay Cosper : open source FPGA tools are a ways away still
18:34:54	 From  Stephane : Thank you Glenn for waking so early for being with us
18:35:45	 From  Glenn Kirilow : You're welcome :)
18:46:30	 From  Piotr Kasprzyk, IETU, Poland : Are there special CPUs for Real time systems?
18:47:40	 From  Cole Wyant : What kind of resource impact does a real time database have? I have never heard of these before
18:53:19	 From  Leandro Pérez   to   Stephane(Direct Message) : Thanks Stephane… Today I have had many internet outages… And the page doesn't permit enter again
18:53:50	 From  Stephane   to   Leandro Pérez(Direct Message) : You can usually enter again but only for the first 30 minutes or so
18:54:06	 From  Frida Rojas : Thank you all \o/! Great discussion.
18:54:14	 From  Glenn Kirilow : Thanks all!
18:54:59	 From  Stephane   to   Leandro Pérez(Direct Message) : Thank you all!