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Live Q&A - Building an Agile Development Team with a Framework you can use Anywhere

Harrison Donahue - The Qt Company - Watch Now - Duration: 25:00

Live Q&A with Harrison Donahue for the theatre talk titled Building an Agile Development Team with a Framework you can use Anywhere
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Score: 0 | 11 months ago | no reply

Great to hear about the capabilities of Qt for MCUs and understand the differences between it and the upstream version.

11:05:42	 From  Keith J : Very interested to learn more about QT for true embedded (non-Linux, etc).  Heard about this recently on a podcastand you eluded to it in your presentation.  Currently using TouchGFX which is specific to STM... Can you share where exactly on QT site can we find more information?
11:07:59	 From  Harrison Donahue : https://www.qt.io/product/develop-software-microcontrollers-mcu
11:08:04	 From  Keith J : Thanks!
11:08:46	 From  Keith J : M7 is my application
11:09:52	 From  Keith J : Great thank you
11:10:04	 From  Miro Samek : Anything new in Qt 6 relevant to MCUs?
11:10:20	 From  Keith J : yes embedded.fm
11:19:59	 From  Keith J : Veterinary medical
11:20:33	 From  Doug Peters : Test and Measurement
11:20:40	 From  afwaanquadri : I used QML and QT to develop robot UI for pipeline rehabilation
11:20:45	 From  Miro Samek : I use Qt on the desktop, in a visual modeling tool...
11:20:48	 From  Sandra.Morrison : home,ioT,automation - specifically in the pool industry
11:21:12	 From  Chris : Materials development and testing
11:21:12	 From  Jason : Sports Scoring and Large LED Video displays and control systems
11:21:21	 From  David Kanceruk : Autonomous agricultural vehicles
11:22:43	 From  afwaanquadri : Question: Despite having QML for abstraction, I have seen developers mixing C++ and QML code a lot, what are your suggestions for those devs?
11:23:47	 From  afwaanquadri : Afwaan (First Name)
11:25:31	 From  Erik Engstrom : I am providing training for post graduate but before 1st professional job.  How much of QT can a student with limited financial resources to invest? 
11:26:32	 From  Sandra.Morrison : thank you Harrison
11:26:39	 From  Keith J : Thank you Harrison
11:26:43	 From  Michael Kafarowski : Thanks!
11:26:43	 From  afwaanquadri : Thanks!